Top 10 e-learning agencies: web ranking vs. turnover published the Top 100 ranking websites in eLearning and learning technology earlier this week. The list was calculated by crunching together individual rankings from Google PageRank, Moz Rank, Alexa, Hubspot‘s Web grader and Compete, so provides a good indication of each company’s presence on the Web. I thought it might be interesting to see how the list of top 10 UK e-learning companies in terms of web ranking compares with the top 10 revenue-wise (based on the last published list I’ve seen)…

Top 10 bespoke e-learning companies: web ranking

1. Kineo
2. Epic
3. Learningpool
4. Tata Interactive
5. Saffron Interactive
6. Edvantage Group
7. Brightwave
8. Line Communications
9. Caspian Learning
10. Redtray

Top 10 bespoke e-learning companies: revenue

1. Line Communications
2. Kineo
3. Epic
4. CM Group
5. Cognitive Arts
6. Redtray
7. Brightwave
8. Saffron Interactive
9. Assima
10. IMC

The real outlier here is Line Communications who are top of the pile in terms of revenue but only number 7 by web ranking in the UK (and a humble 74 in the full list; while Kineo, their nearest rivals in terms of revenue, make the global top 10). Time to invest in some SEO advice, guys?! I guess the other conclusion to be drawn is that well established e-learning companies in the UK can enjoy strong turnover without having an equivalent web presence, as most revenues are derived from their status as approved suppliers for FTSE100 companies. However, if these companies want to grow they’ll need to win business from both overseas and new companies in the UK, so higher web rankings and brand recognition will be a real advantage in the long term. Kineo’s franchises in the USA (combined with their unique name) have clearly given them the edge in terms of Google ranking.

Also, it’s important to remember that web ranking and turnover are just two measures of success and give no indication of  quality, customer satisfaction, growth potential, profitability, etc. As we all know, biggest isn’t always best!


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I'm a consultant based in Brighton (UK) who has been leading the design and delivery of e-learning, web, instructor-led training (ILT) and blended projects for a wide range of public and private sector organisations since 1997.

One Response to Top 10 e-learning agencies: web ranking vs. turnover

  1. Pat harper says:

    Interesting list. We have just reviewed our elearning panel and worked to a key set of criteria. Innovation, style creativity and knowledge of future trends have to be key when deciding on a supplier

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